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As mother nature is a perfect creation so it is every human body especially a woman’s body! We have the blessing of being able to bare and nurture children. This is magnificent don’t you think? Keeping this in mind, why do we still judge our beautiful bodies? Why we want what we don’t have? Should we blame the fashion industry for telling us if we are not a size 2, we can’t wear fashion? On the contrary, I am here to tell you the fashion industry has evolved to cover every single body type available! You just need to know how to put pieces together according to your body shape!

The idea is to create a balance accentuating what we don’t have.

Body types are alike in different sizes and the suggested silhouettes are the same no matter your measurement.

-TRIANGLE O A BODY TYPE-HIPS ARE LARGER THAN SHOULDERS: This shape needs to accentuate shoulders, I suggest boyfriend blazers, dresses with shoulder pads and tops with wider upper styles short or long depending on your height. If you are petite stature make sure you go to the petite section and if you wear designers, pick the ones that cut more tailored to the body. This tip will save you money in alterations and frustrations.

-RECTANGULAR O H BODY TYPE-WAIST IS NOT REALLY VISIBLE: This shape needs to create the illusion of waistline. Try high waisted silhouettes pants or skirts, tailored dresses and blazers. In few words anything that has a waistline shape!

-INVERTED TRIANGLE OR V BODY TYPE-SHOULDERS ARE LARGER THAN HIPS: This shape is the opposite of triangle, it needs to accentuate hips and use styles with very small or soft shoulders. Silks and cottons are excellent materials. Palazzo pants, tulips skirts are great choices!

-HOURGLASS OR X BODY TYPE-WAIST IS ACCENTUATED: Regarding this shape no matter your size is the easiest to style! If you are a plus size silks work fantastic on your body creating a sensual flow and movement of the fabric with your body especially chiffon. Wrap top/dresses, tailored skirts, and short jackets. Dark color pants will make your lower body look slimmer. Also select fabrics on the tailored pants with elastane; close the pockets on the side to make smooth line on your hips.

-OVAL (APPLE) OR O BODY TYPE-NO VISIBLE WAIST LINE: This shape needs to accentuate waistline same as rectangular body type. I recommend “V” neck wrap dresses, single breasted-tailored blazers, silhouettes with waistline! You also need to accentuate legs to create the idea of taller/slimmer shape… this is why you need high heels my dear friend! If you are going to wear a pump, I strongly suggest pointy front with 85mm or 3 inches thin heel. This style makes your legs look slimmer and longer. Same principle goes if you are wearing sandals.

EMBRACE & WORSHIP your body! You are blessed to have it!  keep it healthy because you are gorgeous at any shape!


Fashion Advisor in NYC

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  1. men jeans match August 31, 2019

    Very descriptive post, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

    1. Dora D'Agostino August 31, 2019

      Thank you for your comment. Surely, we can have a part 2. Regards-

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