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Dora D’Agostino is a business woman and well-known TV anchor focusing mainly on women. She’s a lifestyle influencer and her passion and creativity helped her launch a magazine called Dora D’Agostino in 2016 via social media.

Her original focus was on middle-age women, but gained additional audience members of all ages, from all over the world. Her international travels, artistic vision, and passion for design inspired Dora to build a unique, global style for women.

Being in front of the camera every day for over 14 years, and in the public eye even on her personal time, Dora had to put together sophisticated looks to be camera-ready at a moment’s notice. She learned that a few key wardrobe essentials can become the building blocks of chic, stylish looks.

In June 2018, she launched her book, “Dueña de Mi Vida” where she inspires women to not give up and pursue their dreams no matter their age or condition. The book serves as a guide for women to help them break out of their comfort zones and make brave decisions. A new course of action can bring happiness and fulfillment.
Dora D’Agostino was born in Caracas, Venezuela, has two daughters and currently lives in Miami, Florida, where she continues her work in helping women create positive lifestyle transformations.



Fashion Advisor

I am Mila Vargas. Mother of 1 girl. Venezuelan, living and working in NYC. Former UCAB
graduate. My passion for fashion can be traced since I was a little girl when used to pick my own clothing
and style. Loved fashion magazines and my idol was Twiggy. I clearly remembered my drive to
be different and unique. Experimented with trends nobody else was wearing at the time.
I have always had an eye for materials, colors and fits.
I have succeeded in this Fashion industry during my career in NYC in management, sales, PS
and Wholesale at Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Hermes, Loro Piana, Pucci, Ippolita, Prada, Gucci
and Celine. In addition, I have worked with amazing women that have trusted me with their images in their
successful careers. Confident I can say, the beautiful friendships developed have been life
changing at a personal level. I strive to let the personality preveal over the clothes!


Fashion Merchandiser

While working in the fashion industry, I have specialized in styling and visual merchandising.
The part of my job I like the best is creating appealing visual displays and strong looks for my
clients so that they can feel confident and empowered while looking sharp. Fashion and
entertainment have always been a special interest in my career, for which I constantly
incorporate trendy subjects into the content I create.
Past fashion shows and photoshoots I’ve participated in include: In-store fashion shows for
Neiman Marcus, Annual Splendor in the Garden Luncheon & Fashion Show, Harper’s Bazaar
Trend Report, Miami City Ballet, Brunello Cucinelli and Royal Caribbean Media.

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