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4 Ideas to Refresh your Backyard

It's time to use one of the most inspiring place during sumer and spring time

It’s time to enjoy one of the most used places at home during the spring and summer time…the backyard.

1- Plant some colorful flowers in small pots and place them on the table or on the backyard around the sides of your terrace furniture. If you have a pool, some group 3 pots in a corner full of flowers give life and joy to the space.

2- If you still do not have furniture in the backyard or if you want to replace the one you have, think about a resistant material such as resin. Synthetics are typically, inexpensive, light weight, and can go perfectly with any décor style.

3- Outdoor furniture needs waterproof fabrics such as acrylic. I would recommend sunbrella. It’s expensive but durable, strong, can survive the changes of weather and is easy to clean. Also you can find vinyl which is less expensive, and is flexible, strong and water resistant. Another good alternative is canvas. It can be made from a variety of materials, but many of them are made using natural fibers such as linen or cotton. Canvas its water resistant, also strong, and washable.

4- Do not forget the accents. Pillows, synthetics rugs, candles, throws, and vases with colorful flowers are the perfect final touches to enjoy the season.

The backyard also needs candles, thows and some plants

Ready to enjoy your Backyard?

Dora D’Agostino



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